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Dermal Fillers & Anti Wrinkle Injections
Treatment Price Duration
Facial Fillers (from) €395 30m
Facial Contouring Packages (from) €495 30m
Lip Enhancement (from) €195 30m
Anti Wrinkle & Lip Enhancement (from) €325 30m
Tear Trough (Dark Circles) €450 30m
Profhilo Bio-Remodelling (per session) €300 30m
Injectables for excessive Sweating €500 15m
Injectables for Migranes €500 15m
Injectables for Bruxism €450 15m
1 Area Anti Wrinkle Injections €160 10m
2 Areas Anti Wrinkle Injections €240 10m
3 Areas Anti Wrinkle Injections €300 10m
Treatment Price Duration
Microneedling & Inspira:Med Peel €130 1h
Microneedling Face Neck & Chest €130 1h 30m
Microneedling Face & Neck €100 1h
Microneedling Face €85 1h
Microneedling Eyes & Lip €50 45m
Micro-needling Face (3 Courses) €230 1h
Skin Peel - Inspira & ASAP Professional Skin Peels
Treatment Price Duration
Course of 6 €450 40m
Course of 4 €320 40m
Peel with Bio Cellulose Mask €100 1h
MediLift Peel €85 40m
Mediglow Peel €85 40m
Asap Skin Coach Skin Analysis Free 30m
Asap Reveal Peel (Photoaging, Pigmentation, Premature aging) €85 45m
Asap Reveal Peel (Course of 3) €240 45m
Asap Glycolic Peel (Congested Skin) €70 40m
Asap Glycolic Peel (Course of 3) €195 40m
Asap Lactic Peel (Dry, Sensitive Skin) €70 40m
Asap Lactic Peel (Course of 3) €195 40m
PDO Threads - Non Surgical Facelift
Treatment Price Duration
Lip Thread Consultation Free 30m
PDO Lips €100 45m
PDO Upper & Lower Price on consult 1h
PDO Lower Face Price on consult 45m
PDO Upper Face Price on consult 45m
Face Thread Consultation Free 30m
Semi Permanent Makeup
Treatment Price Duration
Semi Permanent Make-up Consultation Free 30m
Lip Liner €195 1h
Eyeliner Annual Topup €125 30m
Eyeliner 4-8 week Topup €75 30m
Eyeliner Bottom €200 1h
Eyeliner Top €200 1h
Lip Colour Annual Top up €175 1h
Lip Colour 4-8 Week Topup €125 1h
Full Lip Colour €300 1h 30m
Lip Blush €250 1h 30m
Cryolipolysis - Fat Freezing
Treatment Price Duration
Fat Freezing Consultation Free 30m
Chest & Sides (Men) €320 2h
Chest & lower abdomen (Men) €250 2h
Chest (Men) €175 1h
Back €175 1h
Upper & Lower Abdomen €175 1h
Sides €175 1h
Arms €175 1h
Outer Thighs €175 1h
Inner Thighs €175 1h
Sides & Lower Abdomen €250 1h 30m
Fat Freezing Chin €75 40m
Thighs & Lower Abdomen €250 1h 30m
Arms & Lower Abdomen €250 1h 30m
Acoustic Wave Therapy - Cellulite Treatment
Treatment Price Duration
Course of 12 €400 30m
Course of 6 €220 30m
Arms €40 30m
Tummy €40 30m
Thighs (Front) €40 30m
Thighs (Back) €40 30m
Buttocks €40 30m
Shock Wave Consultation Free 30m
Treatment Price Duration
Vampire Facial Course of 3 €500 1h
Vampire Facial €195 1h
OxyGeneo 3 in 1 (Course of 6) €250 45m
OxyGeneo RF (Eyes) €50 25m
OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Facial €85 45m
Carbon Laser with Gold Bio Collagen Mask €75 45m
Carbon Facial (Course of 3) €150 30m
Carbon Facial €60 30m
Vampire Facial Consultation Free 30m
Dermaplaning & Carbon Laser Facial €100 1h
Inspira:Med Peel & Dermaplaning €100 1h
Dermaplaning €65 30m
Cryotherapy - Skin Tag Removal
Treatment Price Duration
Skin Tag Consultation Free 30m
Skin Tag Removal From €50 30m
Laser Treatments
Treatment Price Duration
Red Vein Removal Consultation Free 30m
Red Veins From €50 30m
Tattoo Removal From €50 30m
Tattoo Removal Consultation Free 30m
Plasma Fibroblast - Non Surgical Lift & Tighten Treatment
Treatment Price Duration
Plasma Consultation Free 30m
Plasma Upper Eye €275 1h 30m
Plasma Under Eye €275 1h 30m
Plasma Upper & Under Eye €400 2h 30m
Plasma Smoker Lines €150 1h 30m
Plasma Tummy Price on Consult
Plasma Arms Price on Consult
Plasma Lower Face Price on Consult
Plasma Neck Price on Consult
Treatment Price Duration
Dermaplaning € 65 30m
Dermaplaning with Carbon Facial € 100 1h
Dermaplaning with Micro Needling € 130 1h
Dermaplaning with Facial Peel € 100 1h
Dermaplaning with Gold Bio Collagen Mask € 80 45m
Semi Permanent Eyebrows
Treatment Price  Duration
Hair Stroke Brow € 225 1h
Combination Brow € 225 1h
Shadow (Powder) Brow € 295 1h 30m
Annual Topup € 125 30m
4-8 Week Topup € 75 30m
CBD Facial
Treatment Price  Duration
Dermaplaning with a CBD infused Facial & a Gold Bio Collagen Face Mask € 100 1h